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CES 2020: The Hyper GaN 100W USB Type-C & Type-A Charger

GaN technology is poised to change the face of the mobile power accessory market, and Hyper is at the forefront with the release of its GaN 100W USB Charger. Originally a Kickstarter campaign, Hyper’s GaN charger is now spreading into the wider retail market. This compact charger features two USB Type-C and two USB Type-A ports to charge up to four devices simultaneously.

The combination of a compact form factor and massive 100W output is thanks to GaN, which stands for gallium nitride, a semiconductor material replacement for traditional silicon. It conducts more energy than silicon, and at faster speeds. This allowed Hyper to deliver a massive amount of power while keeping the charger portable.

With 100W of total power, you can charge a laptop, tablet, and two smartphones at maximum—simultaneously. Whether at home or on the go, that means fewer bricks and cables cluttering countertops and hogging outlets. Power Delivery-compatible USB Type-C devices can take advantage of the full 100W, while USB Type-A devices fast charge with Quick Charge 3.0 technology at a maximum of 18W.

Hyper’s GaN charger is ideal for traveling, which is why it was designed with a flip-down Type-A AC plug and includes a Type G and Type C adapter for near-worldwide compatibility. Regardless of where you use it, built-in circuitry monitors the charging process to keep everything safe. The charger provides over-current, over-voltage, over-heating, and short-circuit protection. With the GaN 100W USB Charger, the future is right around the corner, and you can pre-order yours right now at B&H.